Running the Country - It's Not My Problem!


What a treasure the Daily Mail is - just full of pure gold (click bait). There glaring at me between Megan's latest gregious act, Starmer's impotence, Bojo's Kermit quotes, Katie Price's surgeries and etc was a strangely innocuous article on virtual assistants.

Visions of an overworked editor grasping for something /anything that might ensure a few clicks since we're all sick of Andrew, William is a bit dull and Ben and Jen are old news.

Quick turn to reporter flogging an overused trope on VA's. Five virtual assistants reveal the truth about working with very exacting clients!! This piece had it all: everywoman first person interviews, single moms starting their own businesses, legitimate vicarious tidbits about the ultra- wealthy for the voyeurs (and let's face it why else is the Daily Mail the leading online news site worldwide if not for all us voyeurs). Except the tidbits were boring, the clicks didn't come and the piece only got 15 comments.

Fuel forecourt fights, beheaded bodies in Salcombe and Megan wearing coats (gasp) in NY in September got more clicks, comments, likes and shares..... 
Competence, and an honest day's work is borrrrring. Who wants to give any thought to that. Not even the people vying for power, not the media, not our feckless politicians.

Is it too much to ask for this government (any government really). We are in the heady grip of idealogues. Competence, smoothly functioning institutions which shield us from the harder consequence of our leaders overwrought clickchase hungry, nonsensical pronouncements are in short supply. Oh Suni, where art thou? 

But wait, Hark the Labour Party Conference. Labour quickly got on to their traditional stuff. The millennial optimistists with their kumbaya attitude, the revolutionary old guard, and competent Keir went at it. Keir, being the automaton he is, won.

The revolutionaries were kicked to the curb the boisterous young people got to sound off and Keir got the party in order.

A pat speech showed his humanity - Mum and Dad featured high - (he was born of humans not in a test tube). Grudging approbation of Angela's Tory scum brouhaha, (no I wouldn't have said it quite that way but....) and he pushed a new slogan that let a Labour leader say the Brexit word without backlash in the hard right British media. Make Brexit Work. Fantastic. Right? Polls show.... No Movement. Papers haven't mentioned that slogan again. Or Keir for that matter. 

No one's fool (he's all our fools rolled into one) Boris saw and read the tealeaves. The public doesn't care anymore. So our favorite bolshy nihilist put on his best Marie Antoinette and said its ‘Not My Job’.

I'm not responsible for turkeys, and petrol. These are just birthing pains of Global Britain. And get over it. Buck up already and how dare you ask me a real question and not let me just groove to the sound of my brilliant bs. It’s the BBC's fault.

The illusion of competence or plan even one on the back of a pack of fags er cigs (sorry Carrie) no longer necessary. After all no one smokes anymore. And my feet hurt after my run in dress shoes. And Andrew Marr is just mean.

You can't get your vegetables, petrol, toys. Your problem not mine. Don't you dare ask me to do anything about it. Or even say anything remotely reasonable that I may do something about it. Upset. Get over it.


Just deal with it yourself! Suni (married to the richest woman in the world) said no. Ooh this guy called Kwasi, speaks in full sentences about some action taking. And he was at Eton. Was he? Don't remember him... oh that guy - always in the Library. Yes there is a library at Eton, behind the cricket pitches.

Argh.. let's give him a chance at bat... I'm at Zac's place in Marbella for a week or so, the swot can have it while I'm off. Keep Suni on his toes. I'll be painting sunsets. Cheers!

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