Welcome to the Letts Journal

Letts Group launch news publication focused on business, climate and life

Welcome to the Letts Journal - a free, weekly publication that talks straight about business, climate and life. The Letts Journal, launching this week, is the latest Letts Group venture, from the family that invented the commercial diary over 200 years ago.

Along with its main section, the Letts Journal has channels which include ‘Surviving’, ‘Liberty Shrugged’ and ‘Photo Synthesis’, providing future trends, political satire and photo cartoons. We’ll add more as the publication develops.

The Letts ushered in diary keeping, journaling and personal media. For a long time the Letts family have been innovating with new media products and dreaming of a time when news reporting would become more democratic and independent.

This year is the 225th anniversary of Letts. We believe it is the right time to launch a news publication with a difference.

News gathering is increasingly commoditised. User generated news is the future. We think there is a need for a new kind of digital publication that focuses on news commentary and insights. One that keeps busy readers informed AND entertained.

We take a view and we keep it short. Who’s got time for more?

News publications have become increasingly dry and jargonistic. We want to make reading the news easy and fun again.

The Letts Journal is about commentary, conversation and a more open and inclusive approach.

Straight from the hip… with a sprinkle of tongue in cheek.


We’re excited to welcome you and hope you will enjoy our approach to talking straight about business, climate and life. Head over to our website for all the action and register to get updates direct to your inbox.

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