What is Letts Journal?

The Letts Journal is a new, weekly publication that talks straight about business, climate and life, for progressive thinkers and innovative leaders.

We take a view and we keep it short. Who’s got time for more?

Along with its main section, the Letts Journal has channels which include ‘Surviving’, ‘Liberty Shrugged’ and ‘Photo Synthesis’, providing future trends, political satire and photo cartoons.

We think news publications have become too dry and jargonistic. We want to make business news entertaining, insightful and fun.

The Letts Journal is about commentary, conversation and a more open, inclusive approach.

Straight from the hip… with the right amount of tongue-in-cheek.

Published by LettsGroup

This is a LettsGroup publication. You know, the people that invented the diary 200 years ago. Today we are a branded incubator group.

LettsGroup is run by the family and centred on innovation. Our media teams focus on digital media and Media-as-a-Service.

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