Or at least, so the media would have you assume. But what are the particulars of his tweet, how accurate is his criticism, and why did the Conservative…
How technology leadership will drive the global power rankings
Rish!, Queen Von de Leyan and Charles seize the day!

February 2023

Photo-Cartoon: Russia's advanced war gaming gives them victory in Ukraine.
The earthquakes in Turkey have reminded the world of the scale of tragedy and cost possible in Natural Disaster events, but how much are we responsible…
Photo-cartoon: The UK's leading soccer club say they are innocent of charges.
Unleashing enterprise content could drive efficiency, accessibility and new revenues

January 2023

Rish! and Keir remind us what we're made of - Hoover style!
Almost two in five CEOs ‘fear their global firms will be unviable within 10 years’
OpenAI's newest development is touted as a game-changing program that will shift the focus of technological development closer and closer to AI…
This year will be as grim as, well, Grimm. Here's your way out!

December 2022

Photo-Cartoon: Happy holidays to you too!