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Exploding into 2024!

Sunak, Trump, Meloni - Our Politicians Seem Confused!

Giving back what we stole? It's all Greek to me.

The Year in 2024: Predictions, Permutations and Procrastinations

The Big Lie: Information, Automation and Eco Disintegration

Joe Biden: So Much Winning But Still Losing

Rishi Sunak Becoming Robot Double for Elon Musk!?

Campaigning Against Your Own Government: Braverman and 'The Next One Up'.

How Not to Let AI Blow Us Up! Insights from Bletchley

The Political 'Entrepreneur' - Politics as Performance Art!

Banksy Caught Running From Portobello Street Art?

Kevin McCarthy Makes History by Turning the US House of Representatives into a Spaghetti Western!

The State of Nature Report: The Dormouse is our Future!

LET RISHI BE RISHI - One Ejection er Election at a Time

Britain For Sale or Solving the Cost of Living Crisis?

Is Keir Starmer on a War Footing? Clues from a Cabinet Reshuffle.

The World Needs Mavericks - Here's Why!

New Venture Capital Firms Backing Founders with Money AND Operational Resources

British Summer Smashes Net-Zero Records

Technological Change Accelerating Faster - Where will it all End?

From January 6th to the Third Indictment: The History of Trump's Latest Legal Troubles. Is it Third Times the Charm?

Summer Madness: Rain, Slump, Trump, Oil, X and More

Dodging the Wildfires, Heat-Bombs and Riots: A Guide to your Family Friendly Holiday this Summer

It ain't Chess... Trump, Indictments and the Deep State Election

British Ex-Cabinet Minister Does Quiet Quitting - Is There Any Precedent!?

Is Independence Day a Milestone in America's Battle For Democracy?

Secret Russian Army to be Unleashed on Ukraine

AI's Achilles Heal - Copyright!

Johnson and Trump Implode on the Same Day - Is It the End of the Populist Right?

Putting the 'i' into Innovation (5 Ways to get in the Mood)

US Presidential Nominee DeSantis Blowing Up Twitter, Climate and Disney

Surviving AI: A Guide to Keeping the Machines Onside!

An Open-Air Art Collection Making Eco Waves

Who Will Be Britain's Next Prime Minister?

How To Dodge Pledging Your Allegiance to the King

Democracy Renovated

The Letts Journal Hooks Up with Substack Notes

The USA is Not Spying on its Allies!!

Institutionalising Innovation!

Liberty - No Longer a Straightforward Idea!

Banks Come Tumbling Down!

Gary Lineker Attempts Government Take Down by Twitter!

'The Tech Stack' is Defining the New World Order

The Trill of The Stormont Brake and the Accidental PM

Russia to Win the War in Ukraine!

Turkey: Natural Disaster or Man-Made Tragedy?

Manchester City Scandal Ripping English Soccer!

How New Content Can Unlock The New Enterprise

Leadership Vacuum (Dyson?) in UK Politics!

Davos Doom Killing Off Corporate CEO's?

ChatGPT: The Future or a Fad?

Your Survival Guide to 2023